This is a history blog that will transport readers to the past, present, and future.  My goal is to publish book reviews weekly.  I will select titles based on their current and potential relevance to digital history. Only some of the books reviewed will be recently published.  This approach may seem old-fashioned to many readers; I am reviewing printed books precisely because they contain ideas that are still worth discussing.  Almost always the titles I review will have been published by scholars or authors in disciplines other than history.  Read on for a list of the main topics I include in my definition of digital history.

Disciplines and Topics in Digital History:

  • Cognitive Science
  • Computers and Internet
  • Education
  • Getting Started
  • History of Digital
  • Humanities
  • Information
  • Language
  • Numbers
  • Popular vs. Professional
  • Public History
  • Research
  • Social Sciences

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